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�?Do you like these stones?’   ‘thin, transparent, wrinkled, exposed, show, see smoke around, listening to the rain sound, blowing gong, this is the best stone Taihu Lake.’ Savory said.   ‘said ray ban girls Zhang Yan Huang is a saint, can not think of his granddaughter so much talent. You know what is the top grade?’ Kang asked.   ‘clear, ugly, stupid, clumsy, this is excellent.’ She fluent. ‘I did not expect, the emperor would compliment a former Jiuchen!’   ‘amazing mouth, I began to appreciate you.’ Emperor said. Yin face changed, and the smell of his face changed.   ……   Fang Xiao Zhuang please complete
ray ban outlet safety to children after a walk alone in the Imperial Garden. Here you can often hear the smell of singing. Suddenly
ray bans sunglasses she unchanging, Kangxi interesting savory staring look. Savory face slightly flushed. Savory saw her, looking up suddenly panic, Fang child heart some nausea, but can not say why. People also began annoyance!   ‘how are you here ah?’    ‘A beautiful stone ah!’ Fang children take over exclaim.   ‘You just do not know the nice and beautiful!’ Kang said, ‘This is a very expensive Taihu.’   ‘know not beautiful not pretty enough?’ Fong Road, unhappy child, then expensive becomes not a diamond, not just some of the limestone dissolution after it? 
fake ray bans  ‘vulgar.’ Kangxi whispered, and soon he felt a small hand behind him severely screwed up, grabbed his hand and took the restless hands. Yes, this woman is his baby. Although she would lie, not clever play at some small means, very cunning, but his heart is pure like a child’s.   ‘Come on.’ Kangxi said.   ‘take what ah, I came to friends, just to, you go.’ Fang said children looked.   Kangxi looked savory, she smiled and looked at the two men. Water bright eyes, reveals a people could not guess sheen. Fang children with open eyes, clear fake polarized ray bans as glass, like crystal luster. ‘I wait for you in the Hall of Mental Cultivation.’ Kangxi bend the ear in children Fang said, he looked a savory, capture

Hee eyes, smell his head. Was not exposed, she has done a stupid thing.   ‘You listen to me, ah, that paddock very fun, ……’ Fang children savory pulled on Jiliguala said up to this she has been repeated many times, first in there too Empress Dowager, Later in the honor Princess, fei, Liang Fei there is now memorized. Of course, the story about the pitfalls of the paddock was omitted, Aobai shot emperor the things she did not mention.   ‘The Lady with the emperor eviction hunting, really get any cooler.’ Xiang Xiang said, ‘Goddess, this palace after many slings and arrows, pet not exposed.’   ‘Rest assured, I their relationship is good way to go! ‘Fang children laughed.   ‘Really?’ The relationship could you?   ‘Of course, savory, our relationship with Ye do not?’   savory eyes look to the Yin, Fang children with her gaze, see is Kangxi. She was a really bored, ‘I’m not comfortable with, go ahead.’ She said coldly, do something! Yourself how suddenly not happy?   …… ‘Aobai sick.’ Kangxi children see Fang said.   ‘He was sick with me what ah?’ Sick of the best.   ‘You say how he would suddenly sick of it?’ Kang asked.   ‘chant
ray bans sunglasses filled! It even asked.’ His strong elephant cow, how it will be sick, when it comes to disease, she would think that they have so little, recently seemed to be very easily tired, eating nothing appetite. But she is not willing to call the imperial doctor, they will open the medicine, bitter death. Or modern Well, then swallow a few grains of small things just fine.   ‘You think he was malingering, not just him, towards the minister said the spate of ill! I fear that he is unable to bear it!’ Kang ray ban sunglasses cats said.   ‘collective sick? I do say is unwell, it is in fact Guanfeng color. Aobai already can not wait for that guy! He’s not already act?’ Says Fang children.   ‘What did you say?’   ‘in the paddock, ah, he put the shot you. You want to thank my trap, save your life!’   ‘You say I want to kill him ! how you do not

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